Friday, 26 October 2012

Hello, all you gorgeous people. I'm back with another post, I've been gone for a while but I'm writing again.

I am writing exams now so I decided to put a 5 tips I've learned on the site, but I do know a lot of you are not writing exams now so don't worry in have interessting things for you too.

  • Study hard over a few weeks, instead of cramming the night before
  • Get a full nights rest, don't stay up the whole night, otherwise you'll go blank during the exam
  • Eat breakfast, you know how distracting it is to be writing your paper while thinking how much you're craving a muffin.
  • Don't discuss what you have and haven't learnt with your friends before the exam, you'll just freak yourself out, if they learnt work that you didn't
  • Last but not least, DON'T STRESS! It won't help you to stress yourself out, most like you'll blank. Just tell yourself positive thoughts and remember at the end of the day. That paper isn't going to shape how your entire life turns out.
I hope my tips help you.

Now for all my fashionistas, we're going to talk about SHOES!!!

The biggest trend at the moment has to be sky high stiletto heels.

Red, stylish and stunning

Gold, glam and amazing

But you don't have to wear heels there are still still plenty of adorable flats and sandals.

 Black and white, beauties

Blue, green, purple, oh so pretty

There are also boots and wedges.

 Brown, warm and fun

 Red, flowery and sweet

Hope you like the shoes! This is all for now. Please comment

Love, Peace and Save the Planet

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hey, how is everyone?

I hope everyone enjoyed the school holidays.
But now it is time to get into the school spirit.

Sadly there are tests, homework, snooze worthy classes and horrible teachers.

But there are also classes you may like, breaks you can spend chatting with your friends, after school activities and clubs, fun projects you get to work on and gorgeous boys to stare at when you should be listening to your teacher.

So there are actually more good then bad things about school and we should try make the best of the bad things.

Enjoy your school years, they are the best years of your life.

Thursday was a public holiday, Woman's Day!

It is great that we women are getting a day just for us, but in retrospect we deserve more then just one day.
Women are just as good as men, maybe even better!
Women only got the right to vote in America in 1918.

In some countries women are still considered inferior to men and are not allowed to work, so if they do not marry they starve.
I hope someday the governments of those countries see reason and realize women can take care of themselves.

I would love to hear your opinions on the subject so please comment.

Love, Peace and Save the Planet


Monday, 25 June 2012

Hello everyone, I decided today that I should write a post after so long. It is the holidays now so you should be hearing a lot more of me. Holidays, sigh....

I love the holidays, school is out, you hear that teachers stop stalking me!

No more getting yelled at for trying to lend my friend a pen.

The thing about holidays is those days when you do not have friends, the days drag on.

So I have made a list of things to do when I am bored:

1. Give myself a manicure/pedicure
2. Start a book
3. Draw cartoons/comics
4. Make silly videos on my videocamera
5. Have a fashin show
6. Read old fashin magazines
7. Surf the web
8. Watch an entire series in one day
9. Play sims
10. Twitter
11. Skip everywhere I go

So for three I have started a comic strip called "Charlie"

About a pretty, ditzy, girl. Who is obsessed with boys and loves sport. But is actually really bad at sport. She will make you laugh!

This was one I did on the computer but I think I will fax the others ones on the computer.

Tell me what you think of it and if you draw comics email me them and I will advertise them on here.

Love, Peace and Save the Planet


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hey, my awesome readers!
How are all of you? There are not a lot of you but I hope the couple of you reading are enjoying my blog and I would be happy to try any of yours.

So it is now the time when the seasons change and not only does it bring on a bit of sniffing to those of us who constantly blow our noses around this time, but it is also the time to change clothing and go from comfortable, warm winter outfits to stunning, tiny summer outfits.

To those of you who live in countries that are currently in Autumn, quickly aproaching winter. I suggest beanies, colourful, knitted beanies, bright red, blue, purple, white jeanes, converse all star shoes and  a black spaghetti strapped top under a knitted top. An outfit to wear to the movies with your girlfriends or that special guy. Ooh La La!

To the other who are going into the Spring or Summer season, you lucky girls. I suggest for the beach or for a pool party, you were a halter neck bekini of a solid bright colour that gives you enough support (you do not want one of your girls popping out of your bekini while you are cannon balling into the pool or wading through the sea), a cute hat of your choice, big stylish sunglasses, flip flops and a cute black boob tube dress.


Sims 3 original - A fun, addictive computer game, where you can create characters of your choice and make them do whatever you want and it can be quite dirty! The game is great at first but soon starts to get quite boring and if you want to carry on enjoying the game, you have to dig in your purse for money to buy the extension packs.
Three Stars

The Hunger Games - An amazing book and movie. it is exciting and a bit gory. The book caught everyones attention and the movie has definitely not been a dissapointment. A must see.
Five Stars

Mizz - A top notch magazine, a bit girly but offers excelent fashin and makeup tips. You can also get your full of celebrity gossip. It is not a magazine for everyone but it deserves a try.
Three Stars

An awesome social network where you can share your thoughts with random strangers and not be thought a weirdo. Plus as they say "It is the only social network your parents have not ruined".

Follow @miilkkk

All provide awesome tweets especially mine DestinySays13 and if you are not following these six, you are missing out.

Love, Peace and Save the Planet

Friday, 9 March 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words.
That saying inspires me. I love photography and I want to take a photo that tells a story.
Have you ever seen a photo and thought, wow?
If you have not, then you have not lived.

Here are some photos I have taken. Read them as you like.

Here is an origanal poem I wrote about LOVE, maybe...

Why Her
I watch him take her hands
kiss her
brush the hair out of her face
love her
I know I should be happy
I'm not
He should be mine
why her
He could have me
I love him
but he does not care
why her

Love Peace and Save the Planet

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hey people, so I love hair. Short hair, long hair, updos, buns, plaits, ponytails and these are some of my favourite.

Those are my total favourite hairstyles, so if you are looking for something new, these styles are a must do.

I love fashion and HATS.


I have been listening to a lot of music and hear are some reviews

Demi Lovato is a really good artist but lately all her songs are very party songs like You're my only Sharty which is not my taste.
Two Stars

Taylor Swift is amazing and my favourite song of hers is The Teardrops on my Guitar.
Four Stars

My favourite book is The Fear, the third book in The Enemy series, it is a gruesome, horror book about an illness that takes over the world killing mostly everyone over the age of 14 but the people that do not die, have a craving for children.
Five out of Five Stars.

I am in love with the tv show The Vampire Diaries, it is amazing and I do not even like vampires that much.
Four Stars

Thats all for now.

Peace, Love and Save the World


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentines Day

Hey, So today is the 11th of February which means it is almost valentines day.
To all of you girls totaly in love with your man and valentines day, good for you, have a mushy, suger coated day complete with a romantic picnic beneath the stars and getting showered in chocolates, no counting calleries on the 14th.

But right now I am aiming my blog to my single ladies out there. The independent women who just wanne have fun :D

I am single too, unatached and AWESOME. I though I should share my tips to having an amazing valentines day without a guy.

When you are at school and everyone is making gooey faces at each other, forget them. Take your single best girl friend at send each other chocolates with funny sayings on them.

When you get home, plug your earphones in and listen to songs about partying, going all out and not caring about any guy while dancing around the room like crazy and taking funny photos of yourself with your camera.

The best songs are:

Obviously my lady Beyonce's - Single Ladies
                           Willow Smith - 21st Centuary Girl
                           Ke$ha - Blow
                           Selena Gomez - We own the night
                           LMFAO - Sexy and I Know it
                          Selena gomez - Who Says

Then later give yourself a pedicure and manicure, treating your hands and feet to ultimate luxury. Paint your piggies orange, as if to say yeah pink and red are for the overated holiday lovers and orange is for the creative, epic, fun-loving, single, smart and don't forget stylish me.

Then in the night, settle in a hot, scented bubble bath, after a hard day of being awesome and just relax.
Remember to make Valentines Day, a day to treat yourself.


Love, Peace and Save the World